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NEAA: NorthEast Acquirer's Association
SEAA: SouthEast Acquirer's Association
WSAA: Western States Acquirer's Association
Canadian Acquirer's

NEAA - Northeast Acquirer's Association

Association Officers & Board of Directors:
Alan Forgione - President

Nancy Austin - Vice President

Jacques Breton - Treasurer/Clerk

Chris Butts

Ruth Gorski

Henry Helgeson

Diane Marchegiani

The Northeast Acquirers Association (NEAA) was founded with one primary objective - To serve as an Educational Forum for Financial Institutions and ISO/MSPs/MLSs in the acquiring industry. We receive and communicate information on the latest technology, hottest topics in the payment industry, and new changes to rules and regulations from the various Card Associations. NEAA is focused on providing this forum in the most economical way so all can take part in the educational and networking opportunities.

SEAA - Southeast Acquirer's Association

Board of Directors:
Audrey Blackmon - 2008 President Elect

Marian Drake

Dee Karawadra

John McCormick - Past President
Claudia Zane - Vice President

Advisory Committee:

Elbert Enrique

Dottie Ford

Angela Norviel

Terry Sheff

Derek Vowels

Southeast Acquirers Association is a not-for-profit, non-membership, independent association for all acquiring bankcard professionals. Founded in 2000, the SEAA was established on the importance to educate the ISO and MSP community, providing economical access to the payment processing industry's latest trends and regulatory changes.

WSAA - Western States Acquirer's Association

Board of Directors

Ken Elderts -President
Steve Eazell - Vice President
Steve Christianson - Treasurer

Sherry Friedrichsen - Secretary

Brian Anderson - Director

Alice Kong - Director

Advisory Board:
Xavier Ayala

Gregg Gumbinger

Mike McGirr

David Sharp

Arcy Stevens

The founding members of the WSAA recognized a need to provide a forum of training, education and networking with financial institutions, sales agents, ISO’s and MLS’s.   The Regional Associations have made quite an impact on the merchant acquiring front over the last few years and it is time to bring this opportunity to the Western States. We are a not-for-profit, no membership organization, independent forum dedicated to keeping acquirers educated and informed on the ever changing needs of our industry.

Canadian Acquirers

Board Of Directors:

Adam Atlas - Attorney at Law

Michjael Gokturk - VersPay Corporation

Anil Bissa - CardSolve International

Michael Jaffe - NXGEN Payment Systems

Kevin Turko- Data Shapers

The Canadian Acquirers Association is dedicated to the service of Canadian credit card, debit card, gift card and e-wallet businesses. The CAA will provide educational material as well as organize events to meet other individuals involved in payments businesses in Canada.